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Undervoltage release (UV)

type voltage frame
HXA011H 24Vdc x160-250
HXA013H 100Vac x160-250
HXA014H 230Vac x160-250
HXA015H 440Vac x160-250
HXC011H 24Vdc h250-630
HXC013H 110Vac h250-630
HXC014H 230Vac h250-630
HXC015H 440Vac h250-630
HXE011H 24Vdc h1000-1600
HXE013H 110Vac h1000-1600
HXE014H 230Vac h1000-1600
HXE015H 440Vac h1000-1600

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Lightning, surge and overvoltage protection from Cirprotec

Ensure your equipment and supply are protected. Electromechanica offers a wide range of Cirprotec products to provide a solution for any type of need in the field of lightning and surge protection.

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Energy efficiency systems are key to reduce operation costs and contribute to an eco-friendly environment. Electromechanica represents leading brands that focus their efforts on the reduction of energy usage.





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