Mercedes-Benz energy storage systems at a glance.

The Mercedes-Benz energy storage system offers a particularly long service life with the very safe lithium-ion technology, in the usual Mercedes-Benz “Made in Germany” quality. Thanks to its modular and expandable system structure, the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system is perfectly suited for private homes and can be adapted to individual needs (2.5 – 20 kWh). Wall and upright standing installation is possible.


For businesses and consumers alike, the benefits of the
Mercedes-Benz energy storage system are endless.

  • Greater independence of energy supply
  • Protection against fluctuating energy costs
  • Cleaner energy
  • Very reliable lithium-ion technology with a long service life
  • Modular system structure
  • Saves resources
  • Ten year warranty
  • “Made in Germany” in Mercedes-Benz quality
How the system works

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During the day, more photovoltaic energy is produced than your household consumes.

Excess energy is stored with the help of Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage.

Up to 65 % of self-produced energy with our complete solution: Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage, battery inverter and intelligent control.

Optional charging station for emission-free recharging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with stored energy.

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