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The EM App offers a convenient way to access the EM catalogue as well as check stock and pricing live in one handy location. This App was designed to be easy to navigate and simple to use. Best of all - it's FREE!

Cirprotec ElectroMechanica Surge Select (South Africa)

Selecting surge diverters to protect an installation in accordance with international standards is made easy with this Quick Surge Select App from CPT Cirprotec and ElectroMechanica.

Engineers, sales forces and consultants may use this tool to:

  • Dimension the surge protection system of an installation (PSM, PSC, DM2).
  • Learn about key surge parameters in lightning and surge protection.
  • Discover innovative solutions to monitor a grounding system (G-Check) and to protect from power frequency overvoltages (Overcheck).
  • Get access to FAQs and a set of videos of applications (photovoltaic, telecom, outdoor L.E.D. lighting systems, hospitals, banks, street lighting, etc.).